Mia Blume

Design leadership coach at Design Dept. (USA)

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Design, or be designed

Tuesday, 12 March — 09:30

So many of our tools and beliefs shape the way we work. Contemporary open office plans paired with a plethora of collaboration and communication tools have created new standards for work speed and interaction frequency. We bounce between Slack, Asana, InVision, daily standups, email, and more, playing notification what-a-mole to be good team players. And it all feels urgent in the pressure cooker of tech.

We'll talk about how to more consciously design your time to be your most creative, resilient self.

About Mia

Mia Blume is a design leadership coach living in San Francisco, California. A former design leader at Pinterest, Square, and IDEO, Mia founded Design Dept. to transform the way creative leaders work.

Through individual coaching, workshops, and customized learning and development programs, Design Dept.’s guided experiences foster resilient, creative leadership.

In 2017, Mia founded Within — a series of leadership retreats for women in design.