Jennifer Brook

Design research lead at Dropbox (USA)

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About Jennifer

Jennifer is a design practitioner who creates and facilitates weird workshops, teaches and practices human-centered design, and works as a design researcher at Dropbox.

Over the past 10 years, she's worked with organizations like Art+Feminism, The New York Times, Apple, Vice, and O'Reilly to redesign existing products and invent new ones.

She loves riding funiculars, ferries, and her Vespa. 🛵

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Designing co-creative research

When so many of the products and services launching around us seem to lack a fundamental understanding of people (or worse, act in ways that harm or undermine our goals) — how might we as designers commit to making things that are useful and meaningful for the people using them?

In this talk, we’ll share with you how we’ve been exploring co-creative research and participatory design as a means to have a different kind of conversation and relationship with our customers. And to make a different kind of product.

Co-creative research invites the people we’re typically designing for into the process with us — where together we discover problem spaces, envision possible solutions, and develop a deeper sense of what matters, what will make a difference, and why.

Co-creation is a fundamentally different way to approach design — it’s not only a way to generate new ideas, spark curiosity and creativity, and develop new products — but a process for placing mutual benefit and care for others, as well as deep consideration for their context, at the center of our practice. It’s a way of working that moves us toward developing truly human-centered products.