The true likeness of Sarah Aylmer. Photo credit: Unknown

Growth mindset

Sarah Aylmer

Sarah Aylmer at Pixel Up! 2020

About Sarah Aylmer

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa – Sarah has always had a passion for design and the meaningful understanding of human emotion. Her first gig was at a small digital agency called Pixel8 13 years ago, it was here that she learnt the true meaning of multitasking and was exposed to many elements of the design and development process.

Her journey continued at MorrisJones, where she worked in the digital arm of their advertising agency, and learnt the true meaning of late nights. From there Sarah’s growth continued at Freethinking where she took on her first role in a major corporate organisation, Standard Bank. Moving from a UI focused position into a product design role which then progressed into leading design on the Wealth and Investment team.

Currently she can be found heading up the Mobile Design team for Discovery, the leading health insurance company in South Africa. Outside of the office Sarah enjoys spending time with her son and pets. Her hobbies include running, pilates, watching 4 series on Netflix simultaneously and trying to read 8 books at the same time.

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