The true likeness of Kat Vellos. Photo credit: Jamie Nease

Kat Vellos

Kat Vellos at Pixel Up! 2020

About Kat Vellos

Kat Vellos is on earth to empower people to learn, grow, and thrive. She helps others transform platonic longing, loneliness, and disconnection into meaningful connection and community.

Kat is also the founder and leader of Bay Area Black Designers , which is Silicon Valley’s largest unofficial employee resource group for Black design talent. With over 500 members who work at startups, agencies, design studios, universities, midsize companies and large corporations, BABD provides professional development and community for Black designers, especially those who know what an isolating experience it is to be the only Black designer in their company or design team.

You'll find her doing:

UX design consulting and product strategy for companies who are dedicated to creating healthy connection in people’s lives and a more just world.

Facilitation and coaching for individuals and groups that want to experience more authentic connection and healthy relationships/teams.

Keynotes, podcasts, interviews, and workshops based on her book /We Should Get Together,/focused on the cultivation of adult friendship, community, healthy teams and workplace culture.

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