The true likeness of Kat Vellos. Photo credit: Jamie Nease

Kat Vellos

Kat Vellos at Pixel Up! 2020

About Kat Vellos

Kat Vellos is a user experience designer with a passion for helping people connect authentically.

As a user experience designer, she’s worked for Slack and Pandora, as well as with the creators of Siri designing the first iteration of Bixby. Kat has been profiled in Forbes and quoted in FastCompany for her work as the founder of Bay Area Black Designers which is a professional development community for Black designers and UX researchers. She’s researched, designed, and advised on the user experience of countless flows in digital products serving millions of people.

Lately, she’s turned her UX expertise towards combating the loneliness epidemic by making adult friendship more user-friendly. Her debut book, We Should Get Together, is helping people around the world experience greater health and wellbeing through the cultivation of fulfilling friendships. When she’s not posting doodles about friendship and connection on Instagram, you can find her on the hunt for the Bay Area’s best tacos.

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