The true likeness of Alex Oloo. Photo credit: Unknown

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Alex Oloo

Alex Oloo at Pixel Up! 2020

About Alex Oloo

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. And a jack of all trades for fun. He’s been write coding for almost a decade. Frontend, backends and all the ends in between. And designing for half that. Alex’s passion is learning new things as well as debugging systems, code, and people.

Alex had the privilege of lecturing at the University of Pretoria for 4 years, working in 3 early-stage startups, doing cutting edge research into the new HTML5 (it was new at the time) and being a marketing intern. Through a series of fortunate events, 5 years ago, he made the switch to design. He’s managed multiple design teams at the bank and shipped a whole lot of stuff. Some awesome and some needs improvement. He started Absa’s Design Grad Programme with Tracey Williams and Dean Broadley. As his way of giving back, he continues to mentor and train designers as well as devs.

Alex currently works as a Design Director with the most awesome bunch of humans at Absa. Whenever he finds a spare moment, he writes as much code as he can. He may or may not be giving the startup life one more bash, 4th time lucky?

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